How it Works ShiftAuction process
  • Save company time and money
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Affordable price
  • Fast installation
  • Reliable new technology
  • Web-based for latest version of software and ease of use
See what they think

Ty Weber, President of ShiftAuction“I am really excited about the potential of ShiftAuction. After speaking with leaders in several industries, I think this application has the opportunity of helping many businesses save time and money, while making employees happier with their staffing. We are taking advantage of many different technologies and can turn many features on or off very easily.  We also designed the application to be flexible to fit different types and sizes of businesses.” Ty Weber, President of ShiftAuction

Anders Engdahl, President of Northwest Imaging“We have a fairly complicated staffing algorithm with eleven radiologists covering ten hospitals.  We are excited about the potential for ShiftAuction to make us more efficient and have been looking for a bidding/auction tool for a while that works.”Anders Engdahl, MD–President, Northwest Imaging

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